Шаблон jsn epic free

Allwordings in both back-end and front-end are moved to separated language files, so you can easily translate theminto any language you want.Here is what you need to do: 1. Make a copy of the current English language file en-GB.tpl_jsn_epic_XXX.ini, where XXX is the template edition you have. More about image gallery Documentation JSN Epic is equipped with very comprehensive documentation package that will help you with template utilization. JSN Epic is free Joomla template, now available for ELXIS too, with a clean and professional look for corporation websites. Joomlashack Joomlashack is a well-known purveyor of third-party Joomla extensions, lessons, and templates. Just a few clicks and you’ll have the configured template. It’s easy to use whether you are new to Joomla or an experienced user.JSN Gruve provides 36 module positions allowing you to have multiple layout configuration.

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